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Atlanta Therapy Associates (ATA) provides help in addressing the psychological concerns and relationship issues of individuals, couples and families.  At times, a confidential, reflective conversation with a trained professional can provide assistance in facing challenges and returning balance and direction to our lives.

Why See A Marriage and Family Therapist?
Marriage and Family Therapists are specifically trained to help people develop the skills needed to improve their psychological well-being and their relationships. People who work with marriage and family therapists report improvement in emotional and overall health, in relationships with friends and co-workers, in productivity at work or school life, and even in social and community involvement. Families enjoy each other more and conflicts are often fewer and more productive.

The unique systemic approach of marriage and family therapists focuses on both the individual and the complex relationships people experience. Because problems are viewed through a wide lens, each unique situation can be listened to and worked with to set and achieve attainable, understandable goals.

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